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When the muses call

Here's the thing: when you are too exhausted to go on one more day in your great job, or great company, or great non-profit, or great cause, I've got your back. I don't know why Central Casting chose me for this role, but i was chosen (not solely, but chosen nonetheless). This blog was created to offer you little canapes of inspiration about how art acts in our individual, social and planetary lives in myriad ways to enrich our experience of living. What do I mean, "enrich our experience of living?" Is this a platitude? Not at all. Imagine no movies. No images in Times Square. No statues in parks. No theatre. No graphic design. No colors at parties. No songs on the radio. No dancing. No unique ceramics or fashion. No TV shows featuring stories. Imagine a world of news, talk, information, and gadgets. Our lives would be impoverished, flat, colorless.

When your life is feeling flat, or oppressive, it's time to make some art. Watching is NOT enough. Making is the only solution. Something magical happens when hands touch clay, or fingers smooth oil paints; or throats throw out songs. Each choice we make is like a little deposit we put in our energy banks. Skilled or unskilled, it matters not: the key is to DO. Our culture is currently overrun by information and analysis. Dance, song, and play-scapes are the rare treasures we seek today.

A challenge for most of us is that our artistic training, our adult bandwidth, can be quite low. How often do YOU dress up in funny costumes? How often do YOU create a play about your company? How often do YOU sit down with cardboard and paper strips to give the unconscious its voice? I'm here as an antidote to modern sterility, and in these passages we'll explore what it means to inspire a person, a culture, a planet.

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