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WE LIVE in a culture overwhelmed by data and strategies. Information overload creates competing priorities that distract employees, diminish morale, and reduce efficacy. Instead, we need to increase awareness of INSPIRATIONCREATIVITY, ENERGY, and FOCUS. How do we productively unplug from the virtual task list, have more fun, and actually create the future we dream of


For the past fifteen years, I've been working with individuals and groups to redefine wealth and increase coherence - in retreats, in coaching, and in presentations. Certain creative experiences provide a means by which we can bypass logic to reinspire culture and provide needed fulfillment. 


In a shared drawing exercise, or a sock puppet scenario, or perhaps a collective  narrative grope, you'll gain powerful insights about what moves people beyond their assigned tasks. When teams share creative experiences, they forge an authentic alignment that in turn is a potent force, like a nimble searchlight. Clarity generates potent results.

What is achieved through shared artistic engagement? Laughter. New perspectives.  Previously hidden obstacles to success. New points of connection across departments, or strata. The truth is, playful approaches lift us out of stuck routines. Disrupt your routine in a good way: let the muses lift you beyond the obvious. 

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