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ELEVATE YOUR LIFE! HOW would you like to begin 2018 with a powerful circle of insight, branding and prosperity activation work? How would you like to catalyze your well-being by joining with others in the commitment to thrive while also healing blocks to creative fulfillment?


In this eight-week (over a ten week period) series, we will delve deeply into what it means to live a soul-navigated work life, and some of the secrets of using love to activate your success. Dates: January 10-Feb. 27, 2018. Your series includes eight weekly gatherings, creative sharings, four one-on-one readings with me, and free videos to focus your values!

We will focus on:

  • Where one finds one's self on the path to dream realization

  • What is the essence of what wants to happen now

  • How to activate the intuition

  • What is the nature of alchemy

  • The role of the arts in activating spiritual light and assistance

  • The nature of the divine feminine as the "cup" or "grail container" for spiritual input, and how this relates symbolically to the receptors on the surface of our cells

  • The importance of the divine feminine right now

These are just a few of the features of this transformative course, and a whole world of blessings for you and others will be created! If you can't go on another day in an uninspired life, let's engage in practical magic, manifesting the world we dream of while releasing the shadows of the past. JOIN NOW to engage your future! 

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