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MY APPROACH is simple: I begin with a semi-structured interview, identifying needs and goals, and sometimes this includes a values audit to determine cultural trends. Based upon our shared findings, I design customized creative events for your crew --  anything from two-hour versions, to half-day immersions, or a series of engagements for culture activation.

I may also conduct a values audit.


YOUR ART EXPERIENCES will translate values into memorable color, comments, and codes that enrich and clarify your pathway forward. We might use natural materials, or sock puppets; we might do a shared drawing, or a solo set of collages. Maybe we forge a new team narrative using superheroes. Let's create a breakthrough with fresh words, images, angles.

THE RESULT? You can expect that your team will be inspired, amused, and acting with more coherence to get where you want to go, or choose a new course. Coherence is power. This translates into efficacy, profitability and client conversion.
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