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Public Presentations and Workshops


May, 2015        

Bethany, CT: Foundations of the Multidimensional Self

Weekend intensive seminar for masters’ students in Integrative Health and Healing


March, 2011

Mill Valley, CA: Body of Knowledge: Art, Alchemy and Personal Light

Two-day workshop for the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts


November, 2006

Nashville, TN: “Creating Wealth from the Inside Out”

A presentation for clients of Merrill Lynch

November, 2004

Northampton, MA: "Love and Art"

Two days of self-defining collage


September, 2003

Saddlestring, Wyoming

Connecting with your Treasure: Experiencing wealth from the inside out


May, 2001

Carmel, California: Citigroup Private Bank

Soul and substance: reconciling spiritual and material selves


February, 2003

Northampton, Massachusetts

Connecting with your Treasure: Experiencing wealth from the inside out


November, 2000

New York, New York: Next Generation Colloquium

The Costs and Benefits of Wealth


Lectures and Academic Presentations (partial)


Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 2003

“Narratives of suffering: Lessons from support groups”


Northampton, Massachusetts, 2002

“Confessions of an Inspired Investor”


New York, New York, 2001

“Investing in Happiness”


Seattle, Washington, 1999

“Culture and Immunity”


New Orleans, Louisiana, 1997

“Narrative and Immunity”


Dallas, Texas, 1998

“Penetrating the heart of healing”


Publications  (partial)


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